Andreu Pere defends his Ph.D Thesis

Andreu Pere Isern-Deyà defended his Ph.D thesis on Computer Science entitled "Privacy-protecting Systems for Electronic Commerce on Mobile Devices" on 14th October, 2013 at the University of Balearic Islands obtaining this way the Ph.D degree with Cum Laude mention.

His thesis collects his research about new solutions to improve both security and privacy of electronic commerce transactions. The aim is to increase the perceived security, privacy and trust of participants (customers and merchants) in this kind of electronic transactions. The fiels covered by this work are micropayments (efficient solutions to pay low-valued goods or services), electronic coupons booklets (state-of-the-art schemes to implement current paper-based scenarios dealing with coupons) and automatic fare collection systems by means of electronic ticketing solutions (scheme improvement to avoid fraud in automatic tarification to services based on either time or distance). All presented solutions have been proved to meet basic as well as extended security requirements and in addition, they has been verified to be usable by real customers with their mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.).

You can show more information about the thesis in this page as well as a public repository here.